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Instructional Technologies Lab - FAQ

  • What is the Instructional Technologies Lab?
    • The Instructional Technologies Lab (ITL) is a place for faculty demo software and devices that can be used for classroom instruction, access tools to build content for courses and receive one-on-one or small group training in D2L and other applications that can be used as instructional tools.

  • Can anyone use the lab?
    • The Instructional Technologies Lab is for UNB instructors only.

  • How can I access the lab?
    • The lab is located in rooms 249 of Marshall d'Avray Hall. Bookings for the training room can be made by emailing itdotlabatunbdotca.

  • May I borrow equipment from the lab?
    • Unfortunately, you cannot borrow equipment from the lab. Since instructors can drop-in to the lab at anytime it is necessary for equipment always be available. UNB's Equipment Pool lends equipment to UNB Faculty and students. Check the Equipment Pool website to see if they have the device that you require .

  • How do I get help in the lab?