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"Shades of Meaning: Nuance in Written and Audio Feedback" - a flipped webinar workshopThu, 31 May 20182:00pm - 3:00pm4/25Dr. Elena Woodacre & Sandy Stockwell, University of Winchester

Based on an Australian, recently-archived webcast. The sponsoring organization is ASCILITE: Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education; presenting UK research and perspectives.

The archived webinar is about online audio feedback on essays, but the research presentation about types of feedback, what was intended, how students interpret it, and what they do with it is broadly applicable. 

We’re trying a “flipped workshop” format: View the recording in advance of the CETL in-person workshop at: http://transformingassessment.com/events_4_april_2018.php

The workshop host will bring some materials and a couple of webinar-cited studies to guide our workshop discussion. A few days prior to the session, registrants will receive an email with more details.

Archived Webinar information:
Since September 2014, an interdisciplinary group of academics from the Universities of Winchester and Portsmouth have been exploring student and tutor perceptions of nuance within written and audio feedback. Our research aims to inform best practice in relation to the use of both written and oral language in order to enhance student engagement with and understanding of feedback. This webinar provided an overview of our research, discussing our critical analysis and linguistic comparison of tutor comments made in both written and audio feedback. Findings from our more recent phase of research revealed some intriguing differences between student and tutor perceptions of feedback comments, particularly tutor intention as opposed to student interpretation. Responses from student interviews and make some 'takeaway' suggestions from this evidence on how we might enhance best practice on giving feedback to students were also provided.

Marshall d'Avray Hall, Room 249

Nancy Fitzpatrick: nef@unb.ca


Faculty/Instructor OrientationWed, 29 Aug 20188:30am - 4:00pm0/25Various

Every year the Centre for Enhanced Teaching & Learning (CETL) hosts an annual orientation session for new faculty and instructors.  You will have an opportunity to hear Faculty Voices and to interact with some of our faculty members.  Also, during the day you will be introduced to many of UNB's administration and support services, ranging from Student Services to Security.

All new faculty and instructors at UNBF are invited and encouraged to participate in this orientation.

Marshall d'Avray Hall, Room 235

Nancy Fitzpatrick: nef@unb.ca