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Instructional Technologies Lab

The Instructional Technologies Lab (ITL) is a space for instructors to build course materials, receive technology training, participate in workshops, access teaching and learning resources, and test out instructional technology tools and apps. The instructional technologies lab is located in room 249 of Marshall d’Avray Hall and consists of a training room, computer workstation and library.

To book room 249 for training and workshops email itdotlabatunbdotca. Support hours are from 8:30am-12pm and 1pm-4:30pm from Monday to Friday.

Hardware and Software Demos

Instructors can test out instructional technologies without the hassle of signing up for an account or purchasing software or hardware. The lab provides instructors with the opportunity to test out and get recommendations for apps on both iOS and Android devices. Practice using classroom response systems (Poll Everywhere, TurningPoint clickers), and see how a Smart Pen works. Step-by-step guides, videos and try-it activities are available to follow along. Find all of the guides on our Instructional Technologies Resources page.

Technology Word Cloud

Training and Workshops

Instructors can participate in small-group training sessions of available educational technologies. Some training sessions offered include D2L, Lecture Recording (Screencast-o-matic/Doceri), and Student Response Systems (Poll Everywhere). See CETL's Event Registration Site for upcoming events, or contact itdotlabatunbdotca to request personalized training. Four Windows laptops are available for training sessions. Larger group sessions may require participants to bring their own mobile device. 30 physical Turningpoint clickers are available for collecting real-time responses and instantly the sharing results.

The training station can accommodate up to 22 people and tables can be configured to meet the needs of your training and workshops. An easel comprised of 12 small whiteboards can be used for small group work, as well as displaying information to a large group. A 46 inch television can be used to wirelessly display your computer screen and up to four screens can be shared at a time. A traditional projector and screen are also available with VGA connection.

ITL Library

TLS Library

The TLS library, located inside of the Instructional Technologies Lab, is equipped with books and DVDs pertaining to teaching and learning. The library has a comfortable seating area for reading in the lab. Books can be borrowed for up to 2 weeks at a time, using the sign-out sheet attached to a clipboard on the bookshelves. If you wish to keep a book longer you can renew by calling CETL at 453-4744. Materials should be returned to the main CETL Office, located in room 125. For more information on the TLS Library:

See Frequently Asked Questions.